We believe that designing any building is fundamentally about designing relationships — not just with context, culture, and climate — but deep personal relationships with our clients, consultant partners, contractors, and within our studio. These deep relationships inform and inspire our work. The Art of Collaboration, Pickard Chilton’s forthcoming book, authored by Michael J. Crosbie, Ph.D., FAIA and being published in January 2021, presents these foundational tenets that underpin our unique practice model to share with the public, architecture students, and the profession. Crosbie eloquently explains the immense value we place on relationships in the book's introduction:

 "Architecture is the result of interactions that transpire between scores of people involved in bringing a design from its embryonic state to its execution in three dimensions, to live in the fourth dimension — time. For complex projects, thousands of people might be involved. Clients, architects, consultants, and project teams gather around a shared goal of breathing life into a new work of architecture."