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Iskandar Investment Headquarters

The Iskandar Development Region in South Johor, envisioned as a community of premier developments, is expected to be one of Southeast Asia’s most important regional economic hubs. To create an internationally recognizable identity for the region, Iskandar Investment Berhad commissioned Pickard Chilton to design a world-class iconic project for the development.

As the headquarters for both the Iskandar Regional Development Authority and Iskandar Investment, the project comprises state-of-the-art office space, a conference center, a small resource library, coffee shop, and a public art gallery. As the centerpiece of a new park, the design both visually and practically sets the standard for environmentally sensitive development in the region. Elevated above ground, the building allows the verdant park landscape to flourish in its shadow, creating a tranquil courtyard with lobbies and vehicular drop-off courts at either end. The lushly planted courtyard conceals two levels of parking.