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Corporate Architecture

We believe in the power of architecture to positively engage employees and support innovation for corporations worldwide.  Through careful analysis of the culture of each corporate client, we enhance their commitment to create a high-performance workplace and inspiring daily experience for each employee.

The Joinery celebrates the inherent strength and natural benefits of mass timber design. As the first commercially available building in Silicon Valley to feature the low-carbon structural system, its design is a series of interlocking volumes with distinctive framed moments that create a healthy and inspired balance of immersive environments. Reminiscent of the end grain of a wood beam, the accentuated bays serve as a cross-section of the Joinery’s experience where people can gather, reflect, and connect with nature.

The vibrant architectural structure of Norfolk Southern Headquarters in Midtown Atlanta unified by a five-story campus-style hub.

Norfolk Southern Headquarters is a high-performance headquarters located on a three-acre site near Technology Square in Midtown Atlanta.

HPE’s new corporate campus consists of two five-story high-performance buildings joined by a glass bridge connector at each level for easy accessibility and connectivity.

Dominion Energy’s new offices comprise the development of an office tower, the Thomas F. Farrell II Building, on a block in downtown Richmond. The project has been designed to promote new ways of working and enhance productivity and efficiencies that benefit both employees and customers.

Located in the Centennial neighborhood of Redwood City, 1125 Arguello is a four-story creative office development.

The exterior design of Akamai Headquarters located in Cambridge, Massachusetts with glass framed walls.

Akamai Headquarters is a 19-story mixed-use high-performance corporate office tower comprising approximately 482,000 gsf, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Design proposal for 35,000m2 next generation workplace in Amsterdam that incorporates an innovative three volume design.

Next Generation Workplace is a 35,000m2 multi-tenant building and an amenity-filled ecosystem for creative collaboration and building community internally, located in Amsterdam.

ExxonMobil Office Complex is a 385-acre wooded site that brings together 10,000 employees from across a variety of locations in both greater Houston and nationally.

Design proposal for renovation of Commercial Center, Google’s commercial office in the shape of a parallelogram.

Google Cambridge Headquarters comprises approximately 375,000 gsf of new office space on sixteen floors as well as 42,000 gsf of retail at the lower levels.

Phase one of the ATCO Campus is a dynamic composition of two four-story office buildings around a leaf-shaped quad and a partially subgrade parkade, and is interconnected by a multi-purpose Commons.

ATCO Commercial Center is a dynamic composition of two four-story office buildings, creating a communal space within the workspace to offer visual connections to adjacent floors.


We are passionate about our clients, our work, and the positive impact of every building we design. If you have a difficult design challenge, contact us to create a solution that realizes your vision.