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Healthcare + Wellness Architecture

Our designs for healthcare and wellness architecture are motivated by purpose and the quality of life of those who use the building every day. Our solutions seek to foster emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being.

The glass lighted exterior design of the ExxonMobil Energy Center located in Houston, Texas projecting its reflection.

The 130,000-square-foot ExxonMobil Wellness Center features a three-story glass atrium allowing for views of the campus and the nearby lake.

In association with the Medical Institute and a major University, Pickard Chilton recently completed the conceptual building design of a 220,000 gsf human performance medical and sports rehabilitation clinic. Envisioned as the Institute’s research, education, and patient care facility for destination sports medicine and human performance, the state-of-the-art complex provides both the institute and the university with the latest in advanced research, therapy, and medical facilities.

ConocoPhillips West Campus integrates new facilities into the existing complex, while enhancing the workplace environment and updating the corporate aesthetic in Houston.

The Boathouse accommodates kayaks, canoes, and rowing shells, along the Chicago River, Illinois.

ER One is the first medical facility in the nation designed to cope with the results of large-scale catastrophes including acts of biological or chemical terrorism.

The Emory University Hospital Midtown is a glass-enclosed conservatory that serves as the front entrance to the complex, with public lobbies, waiting areas and cafés.

We are passionate about our clients, our work, and the positive impact of every building we design. If you have a difficult design challenge, contact us to create a solution that realizes your vision.