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Northwestern Mutual Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Eighth Avenue Place in Calgary, Alberta
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Skyscrapers + Tall Buildings

Pickard Chilton is internationally recognized for its expertise in the design of iconic super tall buildings, high-rise office towers and mixed-use developments for a wide variety of prestigious clients in locations around the world. Throughout their careers spanning four decades, the firm’s principals have led the design of some of the world’s most significant and recognized landmark architecture.

We believe that vertical landmarks possess the innate ability to express optimism and come to symbolize the aspirations of an institution, a city, and even a country. However, our deep passion for their design is both pragmatic and artistic, embracing constraints, working the design toward clarity of form and strength of concept. Our towers, designed within strict parameters of marketability, efficient circulation, stringent structural and mechanical requirements, as well as economic viability, transcend mere function to become inhabited and esteemed icons of their cities. 

Pickard Chilton has a distinguished history of implementing urban design and architecture to embrace and enhance our urban fabric. We create built environments that satisfy our clients’ ambitions while exceeding the expectations of those who live, visit, and work in and around our projects. We believe that these buildings are not static and that they exist in dynamic environments inhabited by a community of people who come to embrace their welcoming character. Buildings that truly belong to their community and city can dramatically transform their urban environments and serve as major catalysts for the long-term growth and vibrancy of their downtowns.

Related Work

2+U is a Class-A office tower, envisioned as a first-of-its-kind urban Village, located in one of the most strategic locations in downtown Seattle.

New Haven, Connecticut-headquartered global architecture studio Pickard Chilton has announced that it will lead the design of a freeway-abutting, 38-story new office tower in downtown Dallas. Dubbed Field Street Tower, the Hillwood Urban-developed high-rise, at 600 feet, will stand as the tallest office tower to join the skyline of Texas’s third most populous city in 30 years. Per Pickard Chilton, the glass-sheathed structure will serve as a “new centerpiece of the city’s skyline.”

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Tokyo Midtown Yaesu Project is a 300,00 square meter high-rise mixed-use development that offers direct access to Tokyo Station, an important traffic node in Japan.

300 Colorado is a 32-story, 432-foot tower comprising 17 floors of Class A office space atop a parking podium with an amenity space spanning an entire floor and multi-level restaurant.

Prominently located on a major gateway into downtown Dallas at the southeast corner of Field Street and the Woodall Rodgers Freeway, the Field Street Tower is a 38-story next-generation office tower offering a premiere corporate address in the highest growth area of Dallas.

The Eight is a next-generation Class A commercial office development in Bellevue’s downtown core with 500,000 square feet of office space and five levels of below-grade parking.

Master planned on a 20-acre site on the South Side of downtown Dallas, Newpark Dallas has been envisioned as a transformative and sustainable mixed-use development that will imbue in the heart of Dallas a renewed vitality and a collection of welcoming pedestrian-oriented spaces. 

Design proposal for renovation of Commercial Center, Google’s commercial office in the shape of a parallelogram.

Google Cambridge Headquarters comprises approximately 375,000 gsf of new office space on sixteen floors as well as 42,000 gsf of retail at the lower levels.

The design of Block IV enhances the environment, livability, and accessibility of the Global Gateway Shinagawa through its smooth and direct connection to the flow of the master plan. Altogether, the composition of the towers, podium, public spaces, and New Station will set a new global standard in urban place-making. The project will be a symbolic threshold to Shinagawa embodying energy, excitement, and a spirit of innovation worthy of a new landmark for Tokyo.

The Block IV design for the Global Gateway Shinagawa represents a development of over 450,000 square meters within two 30-story towers connected by a seven-story podium. The complex is not simply a building, but a community that in­corporates an extraordinary diversity of uses and activities, including office, hotel, conference facilities, roof-top amen­ity and event space, retail, and dining functions. Reflecting the Shinagawa Archipelago Design Concept and Code, three principles underpin the design of Block IV: creating a sym­bolic identity, maintaining human scale, and enhancing the environment. The pedestrian-oriented Promenade on level 2, which extends the length of the development, is the or­ganizing framework for the design of Block IV. The flowing Promenade directly inspires the sense of flow and dynam­ic movement represented in the architectural design of the Block IV tower and podium.

Like a green hillside that meets the shore’s edge, the green-planted terraces of the Block IV podium design are shaped by the flow of the promenade, with curving forms that respond to the movement of people through the site and recall the history of the site as the shoreline of Tokyo Bay. Generously landscaped terraces create publicly accessible outdoor space at multiple levels within the project, and over 4,000 square meters of vertical greenery attached to the walls will create a unique visual connection between interior and exterior. The podium design uses materials with a warm tone and natural appearance to modulate the large scale of the project and to closely harmonize with the design of the New Station. The choice of materials, tones, and textures are a subtle reinterpretation of elements of traditional Japanese design that together create a unique and cohesive identity for the Shinagawa Global Gateway.


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