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Eaton House in Dublin, Ireland
Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Enjoying the green roof at 2+U in Seattle Washington.

Urban Placemaking

Pickard Chilton’s approach to the design of any project is driven by Eliel Saarinen’s conviction to, “Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context—a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.”

We craft each element with the innate understanding that the interrelationships between the massing, materials, and interior and exterior spaces are ultimately experienced by people, and, as such, every facet should foster long-term well-being and enjoyment. Creating a more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts architecture, these environments support excellence in placemaking for communities, creating new communal opportunities, and raising expectations for quality in the built environment.

Pickard Chilton strives to create built environments that fully satisfy our client’s ambitions while exceeding the expectations of those who will live, visit, and work in and around our projects. We believe that buildings are not static and that they exist in dynamic environments inhabited by people. One of the lessons of building such projects is that the innovative ideas that emerge from the community can often give a building a flexible or defining feature that makes it both respond to and influence downtown development – resulting in a project that truly belongs to its community and city.

Each project tries to create within the greater urban context community-oriented public spaces that are human-scaled and teem with new vitality. Our deep experience and success in realizing these types of public spaces are exemplified in recently completed urban projects that include Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City; Eighth Avenue Place in Calgary; 609 Main in Houston; River Point and 300 North LaSalle in Chicago; 1180 Peachtree in Atlanta; CalPERS Headquarters Complex in Sacramento; and Global Gateway Shinagawa, currently under construction in Tokyo, Japan. 

Related Work

Street view of the PG&E historic complex

Encompassing a full city block in downtown San Francisco between Market and Mission Street, the PG&E site comprises development components that include the 200 Mission office tower redevelopment, historic complex renovation and new 1.25-acre park to complete Hines’ vision. Upon completion, the reimagined projects will breathe new life into the entire transit-oriented block.

2+U is a Class-A office tower, envisioned as a first-of-its-kind urban Village, located in one of the most strategic locations in downtown Seattle.

The RO has been master-planned as a best-in-class, urban, multi-use destination on a 740,000 gsf site near the affluent Greenway Plaza and River Oaks District

The aerial view of our concept design for Global Gateway Shinagawa, the redevelopment of the northern portion of Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station.

Global Gateway Shinagawa is the redevelopment of the northern portion of Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station. It is envisioned as a new global hub connecting Tokyo to the world.

Placemaking begins with the creation of a dynamic center that supports a diversity of uses, activities, and exchanges. It is envisioned as a place where people freely and openly congregate to enjoy a moment together. This communal gathering space is not qualified by a narrow nor simple definition and it is not limited to private or civic property, or even exterior as opposed to interior use. Perhaps, the most appropriate categorization for the quality of this space is “Public Realm”.  We will explore the origins and characteristics that create a successful public realm through the imagery of 2+U in Seattle, Washington. 

ULI Europe Conference 2020

Cities globally are responding to the pace of urbanisation with major urban (re)development projects that are creating or regenerating large city areas. Principal William D. Chilton participates in a panel discussion on the impact of the Global Gateway Shinagawa in Tokyo, Japan at the Urban Land Institute 2020 Europe Conference. 

Pickard Chilton was asked to provide a 50-year plan for the district as a backdrop for the development of a large commercial and corporate development and a mixed-use development.

Straße 140 Development is a three-phase master plan design with 125,000 m2 of above-ground gross floor area across six high-performance buildings.

The Rosslyn Plaza master plan envisions the development of a mixed-use complex comprising three new office towers and two residential towers.

Design proposal for Remscheid Designer Outlet Centre in Germany with diverse and intimate streetscapes inspired by the town.

The Remscheid Designer Outlet Centre is a modulated mix of storefronts with contemporary architectural detailing creates diverse, intimate streetscapes.


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