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ExxonMobil Energy Center in Houston, Texas
The Devon Auditorium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BHP Headquarters in Houston, Texas

Visionary Design

All aspects of Pickard Chilton’s work are animated by the belief in the transformative power of research-driven design to deliver high-performance buildings that create measurable value for our clients, produce an engaging and productive environment, and build better communities. Research is an integral part of our design process, and the firm invests in explorations that significantly expand our ability to serve the needs of our clients.

From cutting-edge technology to new and innovative structural materials, state-of-the-art visualizations, and high-performance enclosures, Pickard Chilton’s studio-wide research effort proactively seeks to strengthen competencies, broaden the studio’s portfolio, and increase the firm’s thought leadership. These explorations have consistently allowed us to efficiently deliver architecture of exceptional value, resilience, and performance.

To best inform how we serve our client’s immediate needs, we leverage the knowledge, interests, and creativity of the entire studio. We also weigh these decisions on how they may impact their buildings as well as their organizations in the years ahead. Our creative solutions are often anticipatory and inherently flexible to allow for unknown future technologies and materials, as well as the repurposing of these spaces for next-generation uses.

Related Work

The concept design for a Mega-Skyport, Uber’s next generation aviation transport system with six landing pads.

Pickard Chilton and ARUP collaborated on the concept design for a Mega-Skyport – Uber’s vision for a next-generation urban aviation transport system - The Uber Sky Tower.

Design proposal for 35,000m2 next generation workplace in Amsterdam that incorporates an innovative three volume design.

Next Generation Workplace is a 35,000m2 multi-tenant building and an amenity-filled ecosystem for creative collaboration and building community internally, located in Amsterdam.

Design proposal for the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters Building Extension.

Pickard Chilton undertook an internal exploration and charrette to generate multiple potential solutions for the W.H.O Headquarters in response to an open international competition.

The Exxon Energy Center is designed to embody the company's commitment to leading technology and engineering while showcasing its heritage, people and leadership.

The Office Building of the Future is an award-winning submission by a team of multi disciplined professionals led by Pickard Chilton as part of a national competition sponsored by NAIOP

900 New York Avenue NW has been designed to redefine office building standards for 21st century Washington, D.C. 

Design proposal for The Iskandar Development Region in South Johor, Malaysia, comprising state-of-the-art office space.

The Iskandar Development Region in South Johor is expected to be one of Southeast Asia’s most important regional economic hubs and a community of premier developments.

Kingdom Tower is the landmark centerpiece of Kingdom City, one of the largest and most comprehensive real estate developments to be built in Saudi Arabia.

Design proposal for Dubai’s prestigious waterfront precinct, The Atrium with glass facades for light-filled interiors.

The Atrium are luxury residences designed for Dubai’s prestigious waterfront precinct creating a symbolic gateway as the two towers merge at the 47th floor.

ER One is the first medical facility in the nation designed to cope with the results of large-scale catastrophes including acts of biological or chemical terrorism.

We are passionate about our clients, our work, and the positive impact of every building we design. If you have a difficult design challenge, contact us to create a solution that realizes your vision.