Pickard Chilton’s experience in Japan brings a deep respect for designing buildings that recognize and pay homage to Japanese culture. Integral to our design approach for each project, we bring a sensitivity to the design process that considers opportunities to convey the rich culture through elegant design gestures, choice of materials, and placemaking.

Japan is world-renowned for its deep respect and reverence of nature. Historically and symbolically, this recognition of the natural environment has been reflected in Japanese culture through its art and architecture. Master planning and designing a built environment that captures the spirit of a community is fundamental and at the core of how we practice. Pickard Chilton is committed to creating unique and respectful built environments that will fully meet ambitions for the project while exceeding the expectations of those who live, visit, and work in the community.

Learn about our experiences as contributors of the 2030 Challenge for the past 10 years including explorations in mass timber architecture, participation in the C40 Cities Climate Positive Program and our work creating healthful work environments that celebrate human connection through WELL and Fitwel Certification. 

Architectural models are a powerful communication tool, a timeless skill in architecture with the extraordinary ability to bring complex ideas to life. Every member of the Pickard Chilton design team learns the craft of model-making, guided by the expertise of the studio’s two professional model designers: Model Maker Andrew Ostrowitz and Woo Lee, Director of Fabrication.


Placemaking begins with the creation of a dynamic center that supports a diversity of uses, activities, and exchanges. It is envisioned as a place where people freely and openly congregate to enjoy a moment together. This communal gathering space is not qualified by a narrow nor simple definition and it is not limited to private or civic property, or even exterior as opposed to interior use. Perhaps, the most appropriate categorization for the quality of this space is “Public Realm”.  We will explore the origins and characteristics that create a successful public realm through the imagery of 2+U in Seattle, Washington. 

The vibrant architectural structure of Norfolk Southern Headquarters in Midtown Atlanta unified by a five-story campus-style hub.

Norfolk Southern Headquarters is a high-performance headquarters located on a three-acre site near Technology Square in Midtown Atlanta.

The Eight: A Conversation with Tony Markese

Tony Markese, Principal at Pickard Chilton discusses the design of The Eight in Bellevue, Washington.