Placemaking begins with the creation of a dynamic center that supports a diversity of uses, activities, and exchanges. It is envisioned as a place where people freely and openly congregate to enjoy a moment together. This communal gathering space is not qualified by a narrow nor simple definition and it is not limited to private or civic property, or even exterior as opposed to interior use. Perhaps, the most appropriate categorization for the quality of this space is “Public Realm”.  We will explore the origins and characteristics that create a successful public realm through the imagery of 2+U in Seattle, Washington. 

Overlooking the banks of the James River in downtown Richmond, CoStar Group’s new LEED-NC Platinum anticipated, 750,000 square-foot addition to the existing corporate campus integrates a 26-story office tower and a six-story, multi-functional building. CoStar’s expanded Richmond campus is expected to accommodate more than 3,000 CoStar employees in research, technology, operations, marketing, and sales at full build-out.

The Architecture Construction and Engineering (ACE) Mentor program seeks first to give all students an entry point into the art and science of the construction world. The chance to work directly with industry professionals gives students a unique opportunity to approach a real-world design problem and the tools to use it to explore potential careers in the AEC Industry. 


“Changes over the next decade will be physical, health, and cultural changes: access to daylight and ventilation, hoteling workspaces, video and content creation studios, chef dining experiences, variety of conference and huddle rooms, which leads to greater well-being, reduced health costs, reduced attrition, absenteeism and presentism,” said Jon Pickard, co-founder and principal of architecture firm Pickard Chilton.

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Mark Outman FAIA Memorial Lecture

The Mark Outman, FAIA Memorial Lecture Series was presented by the University of Colorado Denver and hosted by the Denver Art Museum on November 10, 2021.

The inaugural lecture, Designing Relationships, was delivered by Jon Pickard, founder of Pickard Chilton, an esteemed mentor and colleague of Mark Outman. Using examples of his own work as well as the work of his former colleague Mark Outman, Jon Pickard will reflect upon the meaningful impact that their early professional relationships brought to their respective careers and architecture.

Filmed at the Denver Art Museum.

The design proposal for Avocet Tower, a transit-oriented development project designed with an enhanced shading system.

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, Avocet Tower, despite being a transit-oriented space is already promising to have a lasting impact on the city’s new business landscape. With building elements like AI-powered smart glass and a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS), the mixed-use office-hotel hybrid combines bold architectural compositions from Pickard Chilton with high-tech finishes, putting occupant wellbeing at the forefront of its timeless and elegant design.

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