Principal Anthony Markese joins colleagues from across the real estate industry to discuss The Future of Office Design and Development: Wellness, Efficiency and Flexibility.


Jonathan Cook joined the Pickard Chilton studio in 2018 after completing his undergraduate degree in landscape architecture. Learn more about his perspective on joining the team. 

Pickard Chilton is one of fifteen Connecticut firms that support the 2030 Challenge since the program's inception in 2006. Jon Pickard, Principal at Pickard Chilton joins colleagues, to talk about why they joined the commitment, what they have experienced so for and how this commitment has challenged their thinking on sustainability and energy efficient design. The conversation will be moderated by Karl Hennig of Pickard Chilton.


Inspired by Jon Pickard’s panel discussion AIAU Live Action Climate: 2030 Program, we are reflecting on our history, our practice and what lies ahead for sustainability at Pickard Chilton. 


Mona Mirzaie shares her story as the first remote hire to join the Pickard Chilton studio during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The RO has been master-planned as a best-in-class, urban, multi-use destination on a 740,000 gsf site near the affluent Greenway Plaza and River Oaks District