Next Generation Workplace

The design for a 35,000m2 multi-tenant building on a prominent site in Amsterdam incorporates three volumes arranged in a triad and lifted off the ground to create an open, permeable, and inviting ground plane accessible to the public. A central atrium space within the building serves as a hospitality-oriented urban living room, encouraging longer stays and more opportunities for interaction between people.

The atrium is alive with energy and light, trees and plants, and active with balconies, overlooks, meeting rooms, dining areas, exhibition space, flexible work areas, and places for casual interaction. The atrium is an amenity-filled ecosystem for creative collaboration and building community internally among the building occupants and externally with the public.

The exterior building composition is a series of interlocked and stepping volumes that respectfully address adjacent buildings and break down the scale.  The warm bronze tones of the exterior enclosure incorporate photovoltaic panels in a unique sawtooth pattern orienting panels toward the southern exposure and accessible outdoor green terraces.

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BREEAM Excellent