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During the COVID-19 global pandemic, buildings faced an unprecedented need for access to fresh air. We developed a solution allowing tenants to install air porches for a private outdoor experience

When designed properly, building lobbies can make a positive statement to the tenants. Here, occupants discover the ambiance, materials, and textures to expect throughout their experience within the building.

Pickard Chilton designed a feature stone wall to set the tone for the recently completed Avocet Tower and AC Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. The harmonious integration of natural wood and stone adds to the elegance and hospitality lobby.

While the concept of a communal space is not new, the term "Third Place" is. Defined in 1989 by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, Third Place is considered to be a home away from home. 

As we look back over this past year, we have much to celebrate and be thankful for. While recent projects were recognized with over 25 regional and international awards for design, innovation, and sustainability, studio members also deservedly received notable accolades. However proud we may be of these achievements and successes, they were only made possible by the passion, talent, and vision of our clients and collaborators. We are humbled by their trust and grateful for the opportunity to do what we love to do: deliver architectural design excellence and create welcoming spaces. We look forward to even more exciting projects in the new year. 

Repositioned to be a building of its time while respectful of its historic context, the design reuses much of the original structural frame of the existing 1970s building, re-proportions the façade structure to reflect the original five terrace houses, and re-envisions the exterior enclosure in linear coursed stone, clear vision glass, and handmade cast glass brick. 


Pickard Chilton leads our practice with purpose. With each building we design, our team is engaged throughout the design process to develop solutions that best serve our clients and the planet while positively contributing to the greater community. Our commitment to environmental stewardship not only creates built environments that are livable and workplaces that are healthy but also results in a timeless and resilient architecture.