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This Hard Hat tour explores the 36-story high-rise office complex design, which consists of three buildings: a two-story pavilion acting as the front porch to Public Square, a 36-floor office tower, and an attached multi-level parking garage.

Balancing Act: Urbanism & Emerging Technologies provides a thoughtful lens to examine the current conditions of our urban environments and the future of emerging technologies in the design and development of cities around the world. Pickard Chilton's Uber Sky Tower was featured in the exhibition at the BSA Space in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Event > Exhibition | Summer 2016 through 2017

Avant-Garde Architecture

The Avante-Garde Architecture Exhibition featured the internationally recognizable iconic design of the Iskandar Investment Headquarters by Pickard Chilton.

The ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) is New England’s largest building industry event and one of the biggest events for the construction and design based industry overall in the country. Pickard Chilton projects The Atrium in Dubai, UAE and Iskandar Investment Headquarters in Nusajaya, Malaysia were both featured in the Unbuilt Awards Forum. 

Event > Exhibition | 28 – 30 October 2013

Unbuilt Awards Forum

The Office Building of the Future on display in The Unbuilt Awards Forum at ABX Design Gallery.

Pickard Chilton exhibits significant and extensive designs. It shapes people, places, and future architecture and marks 100 years of education and shared dreams.