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AIAU Live Action Climate: 2030 Program

The building sector is the single largest consumer of energy and producer of greenhouse gas emissions. The 2030 Challenge, adopted by the AIA in 2006, provides a path to reducing our sector’s negative impacts and reaching carbon neutral design as the standard practice. This series, shown in five videos,  will inspire architects to meet the 2030 Challenge through design strategies, efficient technologies and systems, and applying renewable energy resources.

Since 2006, fifteen Connecticut Firms signed up to support the 2030 challenge. Join Amenta Emma, EDM, Pickard Chilton, Schadler Selnau Associates, SLAM Collaborative, and SAW representatives to learn why they joined the commitment, what they have experienced so for and how this commitment has challenged their thinking on sustainability and energy efficient design.


Michael Tyre, AIA, Amenta Emma Architects
Christopher Wante, AIA, EDM
Jon Pickard, FAIA, Pickard Chilton
Amy Samuelson, AIA, SLAM Collaborative
Paul Selnau, AIA Schadler Selnau Associates
Ryan Schicker, AIA, SWAG

Moderated by: Karl Hennig, AIA, Pickard Chilton

  • AIA Connecticut
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • April 20, 2021
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