Uber Sky Tower: The Future of Space

Historically, urban space has existed within the pedestrian realm - a series of streets, promenades and grand urban spaces all accessed and experienced with the strolling speed of a brisk walk. With the advent of the street car and automobile, urban spaces began to change in size and scale to accommodate these new technologies.

What happens when we add vertical and three-dimensional travel to the speed of our urban experience? Pickard Chilton and Arup have collaborated on the concept design for a Mega-Skyport – Uber’s vision for a next-generation urban aviation transport system. Dubbed “Sky Tower,” the project is intended to facilitate at least 1,000 vehicle arrivals and 1,000 departures per hour, with each vehicle accommodating up to five passengers.

Join the CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter for an in-depth look at Uber Sky Tower. After introductory remarks by CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Chair Kirk Harman, President & Managing Principal, The Harman Group, Jon Pickard, Principal, and Andrew J. Swartzell, Associate & Director of Design Computing, Pickard Chilton will present their concept that could come to fruition in the not-too-distant future. Their presentation will be followed by an interview-style discussion moderated by CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Board Member Scott Erdy, Principal, Erdy McHenry Architecture, where they will discuss urban space and how the perception of it might change based on this new mode of travel, as well as other topics based on audience questions and comments. While the Sky Tower is conceptual, it is not science fiction. Based on a pragmatic and research-driven approach, the Sky Tower concept delivers to Uber a modular, extensible and sustainable solution that supports their vision for the future of intra-urban transportation.

Project Profile: