The dynamic studio environment and responsive client interactions of Pickard Chilton strongly reflect the core values and professional profiles of the firm’s three principals. A focus on relationships, a respect for time, a commitment to providing both beauty and measurable value—these foundational beliefs inform everything the firm does and result in completed projects that consistently meet goals and exceed expectations. 

Providing unmatched service to clients, creating productive and enjoyable workplaces for building users, improving civic space for communities, and fostering professional development opportunities for staff are the fundamental tenets that drive the operation of the studio every day. 

In winning competitions for large, complex projects, Pickard Chilton draws from a studio culture that equally prizes collaboration, budget and schedule discipline, creative exploration, and technological sophistication. Projects advance through listening, observation, targeted research, and an iterative design process that engages clients in ways that assure the attainment of their highest aspirations. Clear and open communication at every stage leads to the realization of inspiring built work in which all participants are fully invested.

Not surprisingly, a strong ethic of teaching and mentorship runs through the firm, which strives to create a collaborative studio environment where learning is integral to the achievement of results.


  • Brigid Abraham
  • Jonathan Aprati
  • Darin Barnes
  • David Brown
  • William Chilton
  • Nancy Clayton
  • Siqi Ding
  • Justin Doro
  • Christine Fitzsimmons
  • Stephen Fritzinger
  • Andrew Gorzkowski
  • Mohamad Hafez
  • Mig Halpine
  • Stephen Harris
  • Michael Hensley
  • Owen Howlett
  • Rachel Howlett
  • Keith Krolak
  • John Lanczycki
  • Woo Hyun Lee
  • Yen-Ming Lee
  • Deborah Lukan
  • Owen Marhefka
  • Anthony Markese
  • Mario Medina
  • Aashti Miller
  • Regan Mulligan
  • Seung Namgoong
  • Adrienne Nelson
  • Rodney Nelson
  • Alexander Olevitch
  • Andrew Ostrowitz
  • Jon Pickard
  • Daniel Raznick
  • Jovan Rhodes
  • Stephen Sarver
  • Dorothy Scanlon
  • Ashkan Shirani
  • Benjamin Simmons
  • Robert Skeeles
  • Brian Skrovig
  • Brett Spearman
  • Andrew Swartzell
  • William Traill
  • Anna Weber